Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Richmond School, North Yorkshire 2016 School Reunion, Year of 82/83

Richmond School, North Yorkshire 2016 School Reunion, Year of 82/83
Hey were all 50!
Former pupils of Richmond School, Darlington Rd, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 7BQ.
Starting in 1977, Leaving 1982 / 1983
School Reunion
Location: Saturday, 2nd April 2016 19:00
Richmondshire Cricket Club, Richmond, North Yorkshire.
Still to Contact...
Aiden Macguire, Alex McNairn, Andrew Campbell, Andrew Hamalyan, Andrew Laverick,Andy, AnthonyAnthony Abery, Colin Green, Carlton Fowler, David Hodgeson, Gareth Williams, Graham Duffy, Harry Gray, Huw Billingham Ian Atkinson, Ian Probert, Ian Strachan, Jonathon Reynoldson, Lesley Nicolson, Paul Davies, Philip Clayton, Robert Hornsby, Robbie Dick, Simon Holmes, Stuart Wilkinson, Tim Buffin, Tim Birkett, Trevor Thompson,
Alison Wilson, Ann Ritson, Beverley Molson, Bianca Edge, Claire Bell, Claire Burrows, Helen Finnegan, Jackie Shell, Janet Lancaster Julie Diamond, Karen Goodyear, Kim Wells, Michelle Avery, Michelle Leadbetter, Nina Hill, Sarah Butler, Stephanie Fisher, Susan Jackson, Tracy Corner, Wendy Douglas, Wendy Finch,
(bear in mind the girls may have changed their names due to marriage)

We are hoping to ask Mr Clamp, Mr Meek, Mr Hughes, Mr Shovlin, Mr Almond, Mr Davies, Miss Clague, Mrs Moorhouse, miss Ball, Mr Briggs Mr McCloud & Mr Sargent-we are on to this!! Ill post an invite for Mr Culkin & Mr Lynch...and Mr Craine, Jim Jack & Miss Mcmanus

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