Tuesday 29 July 2014

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When Patons & Baldwins built their new Darlington wool factory at Lingfield Point immediately after the Second World War, they had the vision to build the most advanced production facility in Europe.  Some of the buildings at Lingfield Point represent the most iconic displays of modernist architecture in the North East.


Patons & Baldwins has its roots in the very beginnings of the industrial revolution, dating back to the mid 18th century when two entrepreneurs separately developed businesses working with the early inventions of Crompton's spinning mule in the mid to late 1770s. 1920s saw the merger of these two successful businesses, creating one of the largest wool manufacturing companies in the world – Patons & Baldwins.


SIXTY celebrates this huge company, its flagship manufacturing base for the world famous knitting yarn company and 60 years later, Marchday's achievements bringing this colossus alive again.


  • Area one         :           Operation Darlington


Discover plans, drawings and the build process connected with the building of one of the world's largest manufacturers of wool. Gaze over photographs capturing this moment in time.


  • Area two         :           All our yesteryears – We have no time to stand & stare


Relive some of the moments that made Patons & Baldwins great – with records of the day to day operation of this huge business.  Look out for the press cuttings during this historic move to Darlington.


  • Area three      :           All our yesteryears – In its heyday


Wander back in time and look out for the time when wool – amongst other things were rationed.  Celebrate the romance of knitting; the spinning of P & Bs wools and some of the unique ways that P & B looked after their family of workers.


  • Area four        :           All our yesteryears – The happiest days of our lives


Enjoy looking back at some of the advertising that made P & B great and join our memory maker, where you can jot down your own memories of this great brand – and company – in its hey day.



Feel free to wander around many of the images – taken from SIXTY – or the historic examples of product encased in a unique display celebrating the beauty from this wonderful world.





Exibition curated by The Beehive Brand,

in association with the Centre for Local Studies,

Darlington Library – Crown Street



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