Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Green I Signs are now accepting payments by Barclays Pingit

Green I Signs are now accepting payments by Barclays Pingit


How does Barclays Pingit work?

To send money:

If you have a UK current account, a UK mobile number and smartphone, and are aged 16 or over you can download the Barclays Pingit app.

  • If you have registered for Barclays Pingit with a Barclays current account, we will link your account with your mobile so that you can make payments from your Barclays current account using your mobile.
  • If you register with a current account you hold with another UK bank, we will set up a Barclays Pingit Wallet account and link this to your mobile so that you can send and receive money using the Wallet.

Once you register with your Barclays or non-Barclays account, you will be able to send and receive payments using your phone's contacts. We'll give you full instructions during the registration process.

Topping up your Wallet: You will need to have enough funds in your Barclays current account or Barclays Pingit Wallet to send money. You can top up the Barclays Pingit Wallet account by paying in cash at a Barclays branch, transferring money to it from your UK current account or by using any UK Barclays ATM.

Making a payment: To make a payment using the app, choose who you want to pay from your phone's contacts or type in their number, select how much you want to send and confirm your payment. We'll send a text message telling them how to access their money. We will not charge for these text messages.

If the person you're paying is already registered, the payment works like any other electronic payment: sending money is secure and done in seconds Otherwise we will send them a text asking them to register within 24 hours, failing which the payment will be cancelled. You can view Barclays Pingit payments in the app. If you have a Barclays current account, the payments will also appear on your bank statement.

To receive money: If you don't have an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphone or just want to receive payments, you can register your mobile number online at Barclays.co.uk/pingit. When you register for Barclays Pingit, we link your account details to your UK mobile number so that other users can pay you using just your mobile number.

When someone sends you a payment, you'll receive a text message confirming the payment has been made. The payment will also appear on your current account statement in the format Barclays Pingit – (mobile number of payee) – (amount received).

If you are registered for Barclays Pingit, when you receive a payment your full registered name will be made visible to the sender of the payment.

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