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Hardwood Flooring
Are you thinking of making a real difference in your home, even with a budget why not choose a real wood floor. Hardwood flooring comes in solid or engineered form which is available in a wide range of different species such as Oak, Walnut, Maple, Beech, Merbau and Pine also colours, stains and finishes.
Solid Wood Flooring
Our solid wood flooring comes in a range of widths and thicknesses; these are 53mm – 200mm wide and 8mm – 22mm thick. All solid wood flooring is made from one piece of hardwood timber, which means the wood will naturally expand and contract. This is why we advise you to purchase the solid wood flooring a minimum of 7 days before installation to allow the wood to acclimatise to your property.
When installing your solid wood floor you need to take into consideration the subfloor in which the floor is being laid on. If your floor is battens or a plywood base you will be able to use secret nails which is the preferred choice and can be done directly onto the subfloor. If you have a concrete subfloor we advise you to use a DPM such as Bona R410 or Lecol PU 280 before installation.
When coming to choose the adhesive it is critical that you choose the correct glue for the subfloor and wood chosen. With solid wood floors we advise that you use a flexible adhesive such as Lecol MS 250 + and Lecol MS255 which will allow the floor to expand and contract in different conditions.
Engineered Wood Flooring
We offer a wide range of engineered wood flooring from oak, maple, merbau, beech and walnut with a range of widths from 70mm – 470mm. Our engineered wood flooring consists of several layers of wood with the top layer being the desired specie of wood, with the thickness ranging from 1mm – 7mm
The construction of engineered wood flooring is what makes it suitable to be used for under floor heating. When being made the engineered wood flooring is made up from three different layers, a balancing bottom layer, a core middle section and a hardwood top layer. . We offer engineered wood flooring from 9mm to 22mm total thickness for all applications.
The bottom layer which is used to balance the board is usually made from a softwood or hardwood such as birch. The middle core layer is what gives the floor its stability and strength and is made from either softwood, plywood or HDF. The top layer is what gives the flooring its finished look which is made from real hardwood.
Unlike solid wood flooring when installing your engineered flooring you can buy and install straight away with minimum acclimatisation, also the floor can be floated using an underlay, over any type of subfloor. Engineered wood flooring can also be secret nailed into timber sub floors such as joists and chipboard. You can also use flexible adhesive to fully attach the flooring down to concrete sub floors.
Parquet Flooring
Parquet is a hardwood block that can be laid in various patterns to suit the needs of the surroundings. Parquet flooring is more suited for the use in schools, restaurant, gymnasiums and dance floors as well as domestic residences.
Parquet blocks are designed with a tongue and grove system to give tight interlocking joints on all edges. They are machined to have a 10mm thick where layer above the tongue and grove, this allows the floor to be sanded and refurbished many times over, giving the floor a long life span.
Our range of parquet blocks comes in either 15mm or 20mm thick blocks, with a variety of lengths, 224mm, 254mm and 266mm being the most common and a variety of widths. We can also have parquet blocks bespoke made to specific sizes to match existing floors or unique sizes to the required design of an individual’s floor. Species available are Oak Rustic, Oak Prime, Walnut, Merbau, Iroko, Maple Rustic and Maple Prime.

When installing parquet flooring you need to take your time and lots of care to avoid any risk of it going wrong. The sub-floor needs to be level and dry as moisture can cause damage to the parquet flooring. There are many different designs of parquet simply by rearranging the blocks. The most popular being the herringbone pattern but with there being so many different patterns this make the floor very suitable for different sized and functioning rooms.

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