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GCS Johnson Escorting vehicle & Barton Commercial Tyres.
Class 2 Avery reflective Blue text complete with Black & grey vinyl text.
Wide load escorting vehicle, with class 2 reflective 160mm stripes red and white stripes to the front & rear.
160mm reflective white and orange stripes to both sides complete with 3m diamond grade reflective 50mm stripe.

All supplied and fitted by Duncan Butterfield's Green I Signs.
Telephone 07730 321 191

GCS Johnson

The UK's leading heavy haulage specialists since 1969

GCS Johnson possess the lowest low loaders in the country at just 10 inches and 12 inches ride height giving customers a maximum load height with out additional high load charges. We also have a number of trailers configured to carry rolling stock which included recently some of the trains seen in the channel tunnel. Power steered hydraulic bogeys provide the company with the capability to move loads of excessive length. Whilst specialist beam beds extend from 12 meters to 28 meters in length with overall lower deck capacity again expandable to 90 feet.

GCS Johnson are able to configure vessel bridge trailers to meet most needs all with up to four beams being attached and all with the option of hydraulic width adjustment. The company also has a number of depressed deck trailers as well as hydraulic jacking systems for skidding and skating when handling and installing large and heavy equipment.

GCS Johnson has a comprehensive combination of Nicolas Bogeys, decks and Goosenecks which allow for the greatest levels of flexibility when manouvering heavy or lengthy loads. Multiple steerable rear bogeys are part of the invaluable equipment which provides a modular configuration to overcome the most difficult of obstacles.

If you require further information on any of our services please contact:

Alison Johnson

Email: Info ''at''
Tel: 01325 377691/2
Fax: 01325 377316

Barton Park, Barton
North Yorkshire
DL10 6NF

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