Saturday, 27 March 2010

GSP Omega 3.0

It's arrived!!!

Duncan Butterfield's Green I Signs are now using...

Gerber OMEGA™ 3.0 OMEGA™
Is Gerber's latest sign design and production software for cutting, imaging or both.It has all the power-tools you need to get today's jobs done faster. It works with data from all kinds of software packages thanks to a huge range of file import and export options.

It's versatile, exceptionally easy to use and engineered to save you time and money. OMEGA capabilities allow you to create sophisticated, technical or advanced layouts while maintaining a simple and consistent operation.

OMEGA design and output tools are fine-tuned to accommodate vinyl cutting, printing and routing on sign-industry production devices.

OMEGA is intuitive, versatile, and easy to use—a software powerhouse that has the capability to enable a beginner and propel the expert.


files that OMEGA 3.0 imports:Importing files into OMEGA has never been easier! Omega 3.0 features improved importing of multiple file types

With OMEGA’s improved file importing, you get more original design details and less reassignment of design elements or re-creation of file parts.

AI PDF EPS PS TIF JPEG BMP TTF Windows Clipboard And more...

Includes all the tools you need to create and output advanced cut vinyl and router jobs, plus has color assignment and output capabilities for all GERBER EDGE® series and GERBER MAXX™ 2 thermal transfer printers. Includes ARTPath software.


Barcode printing OMEGA 3.0 includes features that make label and decal production faster and easier, including barcoding capabilities with variable date, easier finishing features, and the ability to re-use output parameters.
Backwards CompatibleSave files to be compatible with previous versions. Gerber OMEGA 3.0 is backwards compatible but users are strongly encouraged to upgrade all their systems at the same time to allow for more seamless network functionality.
Dimensioning tools
Perfect customer proofs and layout instructions by generating on-screen measurements and annotations with the Dimensioning Tools feature.

Dimensioning Tools allow you to measure objects, distances, and angles and post these measurements in the job. A main dimension toolbar contains the six new tools: horizontal, vertical, aligned, angular, annotation, and object dimensions.

And for extra flexibility, you can choose to paper print or output the dimensions to a GSP output device such as the GERBER EDGE FX™.

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